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LightRoom4nuke-All the functions you love now in nuke.

As a VFX artist who also love cameras and taking photos, Lightroom is the main software where I manage and edit my photos.

Some of the awesome features in Lightroom like highlight, texture, clarity,HSL and splittone, I really wished we have them in nuke. And that's what i did.

Here is my latest tool aiming to recreate the Lightroom functions in nuke as close as possible. Most of the functions are 80% similar while there are a couple of them that are not quite there yet.

Try them out see how you like them!

Also, make sure you check out another great grading tool called LUE4nuke from Hagbarth. Got a lot of inspiration from there as well.

Note: LightRoom4nuke sometimes crashes when you are looking at it and change the input.

just disable it before you swap input, or use one of the sub-tool if u need specific function.

Here are 2 Demo videos and 1 walkthrough video about how to use:

Comparison Demo:

Portrait Editing Demo:

How to use:



Unzip and copy the whole folder into your C:/User/(username)/.nuke/ToolSets folder.

open nuke, type Lightroom4nuke to use the tool, or type Lr_ to pick one of the sub-tool.


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Is it possible to have an update for new versions because sometimes it crashes a lot! Also should this be applied in log or linear just for correct workflow? Thanks

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