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Arrow_Hero - Hot Game Nuke exclusive!


Fun level:★★★★★ Usefulness: ☆☆☆☆☆

Gaming is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings, ranking right under having wifi and above afternoon snack. Nuke is not an ideal gaming engine.

With limited programming and math knowledge, I pieced this game together during downtime. For fun and for practice.

I present you Arrow Hero- Nuke exclusive!!

In this game, you shoot arrows towards a target and as you hit the targets you will level up,

With the skill points you get, you can upgrade your abilities like strength, accuracy, luck, or even graphics.

Follow the instruction before you start the game.

This is inspired by a flash game I played many many years ago, called Upgrade.

In the game, you can upgrade everything, from weapons to the game menu, UI, Sound, Graphics, and others. I'm not gonna put a link, otherwise, no one plays my game. :DDDDD

Have fun and don't get caught playing at work.

install: copy and paste into nuke, there is no assets it'a all in nuke!




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