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CutOut - just like how you do it in PS


Fun level:★★★★☆ Usefulness: ★★★☆☆

Cutout is a nice filter a lot of people like to use in Photoshop to make things stylize.

This H_Cutout tool recreates that effect in nuke and it's better than nuke's default posterize node.

You can choose how many layers you want, pre blur, smooth edges and also export alpha of a certain layer if you want.

What makes it more fun is the three colorize mode, range of color is fun to play with, you can make a heat vision color pretty easily. If you put the range about 1 it gets crazy looking.

"Use plate color" mode is usable but how it's done is not ideal its blurring color for each layer instead of generating one solid color for each layer. Would be really happy to hear from you guys if anyone comes up with a better method.

Install: Copy and paste into nuke




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